Q1 : What is Credit Reporting Agencies Act 2010? Answer: An Act which is enacted by Parliament of Malaysia to provide for the registration and regulation of a Credit Reporting Agency carrying on credit reporting business.


Q2 : What is Credit Reporting Agency? Answer: Credit Reporting Agency operates a credit-information bureau in Malaysia that provides credit information and advanced scores/ratings to business corporations, financial institutions, and legal as well as accounting firms as a basis for credit sales, marketing, financial, purchasing and general management decisions. The objective is to provide comprehensive, updated and credible credit information on the individual, companies and businesses, therefore shorten the processing time in making credit decision and enhancing better access to financing for good credit profile individuals or corporate.


Q3 : How RAMCI Self-Check Web Portal work? Answer: RAMCI Self-Check Portal allows individual to conduct a Self-Check to confirm that the Credit Information reported about you is accurate and updated.


Q4 : What is Self-Enquiry Report? Answer: A Self-Enquiry Report is a report that contains your Credit Information in your credit file that is used by prospective financial institutions, professional bodies and credit grantors from various industries for credit evaluation or for the purpose of rating or analyzing your credibility and financial standing, in order to grant you credit facilities or supplies.


Q5 : What information appear in the Self-Enquiry Report? Answer: A Self-Enquiry Report typically shows your name, NRIC number and both current and previous known address, litigation records (if any), bankruptcy records (if any) as well as your trade payment records. If an organization has made a search, a record will be shown on your credit report but only the organization concerned knows whether your application was accepted or refused. A credit report will not reveal if you have been accepted or turned down for credit application. Information which does not appear on your Self-Check verification report includes:


  • Savings accounts
  • Employment records
  • Marital Status
  • Health
  • Criminal Records
  • Salary Details


Q6 : Where did RAMCI get my information from? Answer: Your credit files are held by credit reporting agencies. RAMCI act as a credit reporting agency, gather and store information from public domain, it is including companies, businesses and individuals. All relevant information will be provided to financial institutions, professional bodies and credit grantors for credit evaluation or for the purpose of credit rating and analyze your credit standing and financial condition , before granting any credit facilities or supplies. Credit reporting agencies have legal right to get hold of any information relevant to you which is already in the public domain i.e. courts case, bankruptcy orders, statutory information and etc. However, the information can be only disclosed with your consent.


Q7 : What should I do if I find disputes in my Self-Enquiry Report? Answer: Please write to us, alternatively, you can raise your disputes through our website. Please provide your complete name, NRIC and contact details in your letter/fax/email. Indicate each of your disputes and state the facts and reasons with copies of documents that support your disputes.


Mailing Address:
17-9 & 19-9, 9th Floor, The Boulevard
Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur
Fax No : 603-2284 8808
Email : info@mycreditinfo.com.my


Q8 : How much do I need to pay for the Self-Enquiry Report? Answer: Please note that Self-Inquiry Report is at No Cost for one report every calendar year. However, RM10 fee per report will be charged for the 2nd and subsequent reports onwards within a calendar year.