Consumer Credit Reporting Education Program

Experian organizes a range of Consumer Credit Reporting Education Program throughout the year in order to raise public awareness about the role of Credit Reporting Agencies, helping them to understand the importance of their credit information, the ways in which they can ensure it gives them the best chance of getting new credit etc. when they need it. Some credit education topics include:

  • Understanding credit score factors
  • Learn how to improve your credit score
  • Why your credit history is critical?
  • How to create a positive credit history?
  • Why lenders and credit grantors use credit score?
  • Steps to protect yourself from identity theft
  • Become an educated consumer
  • Etc.

We intend to share with the general consumer public, what credit information that is generally reported on them and how credit information and their credit profile is being used as one of the factors by credit grantors in their credit evaluation and credit decision making process. We will also take the opportunity to share recent trends in consumer behaviour as observed in our daily work.

Experian endeavours to play a social role in building a healthy consumer credit landscape in Malaysia which is sustainable and responsible over a long period. Additionally, we believe that the use of these communication channels to share with the public the changing trends in consumer spending and credit enables the average consumer to make more informed lifelong credit and financial decisions.

Consumer Credit Reporting Talk (request for companies)

Duration: 1 ½ hours

This is a talk on the roles and functions of Experian as a Credit Reporting Agency and its consumer self-check services, namely Consumer Credit Reporting Education Program (CCREP). It emphasizes on how participants can benefit from the self-check services offered by Experian. The talk is most suitable for a slot session such as during seminars, exhibitions or road shows.

Some topics include:

  • What is a credit report and why it is important to me?
  • What is a credit history?
  • Why do I have a credit report?
  • Who produces my credit report?
  • Where do I get my credit report?
  • What should I do when I get my credit report?
  • What if I do not have any credit history?
  • What does "good credit" mean?
  • How do I improve my credit profile?
  • What to do if I find inaccuracies or disputes in my credit report?
  • How do I correct inaccurate information and update my credit information in my credit report?
  • How to restore my good credit standing via the credit report?
  • What kind of credit behaviour communicates to my banker/ credit grantors?
  • Etc.

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