Personal Credit

Making sure your credit information is up to date is the best advice we can give you. Our goal is to always provide the very best resources so you can take control of your financial future. Planning to buy your dream home or get your first credit card!

It's important to check your credit report to make sure the information is accurate because your credit score is based on the information in your credit report.

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Personal Credit Report Sample
Consist of the following information:
  • Your Name
  • Identity Card Info (New and Old IC)
  • Address

Personal Information

  • Company Name
  • Company Registration No.
  • Position in the Company
  • Date Appointed
  • Business Expiry Date
  • Shareholding and Percentage (%) of the Share

Business Interests

Personal Information

Legal and Bankruptcy Information

Legal or bankruptcy proceedings captured by Experian from public sources.

Trade Reference (Non-Banking Information)

Credit records from non-banking industries.

When Someone Asked About You

We will inform you on the enquiries made on you from the banks or other credit grantors

This will help early detection of identity fraud if someone try to use your identity for credit fraud. Know more on how to protect your identity through Experian Identity Protection Plan .