Personal Credit

Take control of your financial situation with Experian Personal Credit Report Plus (PCRP). Know how your credit report works and how lenders or the banks use it. We make it easy to understand and improve your credit status. Experian Personal Credit Report is more than a report, it is your credit management tools to financial empowerment.

PCRP provides one-stop credit information:
  • Experian i-SCORE (Credit Score)
  • Banking Information (CCRIS)
  • Skim Potongan Gaji Angkasa (SPGA)
  • Trade References (Non-Banking Info)
  • Litigation History and more.

RM 19.50 (Inclusive SST)

View sample report here: PCRP SAMPLE REPORT


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Personal Credit Report Sample

Consist of the following information:
  • Your Name
  • Identity Card Info (New and Old IC)
  • Address
  • Your i-SCORE (Credit Score)

  • Your business involvement as director/shareholder/owner/partner of Companies/Businesses as available in Experian databank.
  • Previous known business interest (if any).

Shareholding / Directorships
and Business Interests

Banking Credit Information

  • Your credit facilities with any participating banks/financial institutions in Bank Negara Malaysia's Central Credit Reference Information System (CCRIS).
  • Credit facility taken either directly by you, jointly or obtained by sole proprietorship in which you are the owner.
  • Name of banks or financial institution which disbursed your credit facility, branch of the financial institution where your credit facility was obtained.
  • Total credit limit, outstanding balance amount of your credit facility and date when your total outstanding was last reported by the banks / financial institutions.
  • Type of collateral or security pledged for the credit facility.
  • Frequency of your payments for each facility, i.e. monthly or weekly.
  • Approved credit applications made over the last 12 months with the participating CCRIS members.
  • Any of your credit facilities that is under special monitoring by the banks or financial institutions under Special Attention Accounts.
Personal Information

Skim Potongan Gaji Angkasa (SPGA) Credit Information

Monthly salary deduction

Pending deduction & payment history

Legal and Bankruptcy Information

Legal or bankruptcy proceedings captured by Experian from public sources.

Trade Reference (Non-Banking Information)

Credit records from non-banking industries.

When Someone Ask About You

Inform you on the enquiries made on you when apply credit facilities from the banks or other credit grantors.

This will help early detection of identity fraud if someone try to use your identity for credit fraud. Know more on how to protect your identity through Experian Identity Protection Plan.