Catching identity theft early is as important as detecting an illness early on

Identity Theft

* Your FREE credit report will include a quick snapshot of your credit standing as below:

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  • Credit history
  • Overdue debts
  • The number of credit enquiries made in the last three years
  • Pre-litigation, summonses & Bankruptcy
  • lawsuit files against you
  • Trade references

Getting yourself a credit report can save you time and trouble, and perhaps ward off identity theft altogether. Early identity protection can save you and your child from surprises later on in life.

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Victim Testimonial

"People are going to be in the same scenario I'm in. They require a place to seek for help. It's difficult to do it on your own. RAMCI puts all information together and saved me a lot of time" - Jenny Yap, Bangsar.

"RAMCI helped me to protect my grandson's identity. Their quick response and assistance with Telcos saved me a lot of time and frustration" - M. Sukhairi, Setapak.

*Information provided is subject to availability in RAMCI databank.